Lake Efffect Sailing, Erie PA. Join us on our 32-foot cutter, Namaste, for a day sail, sunset cruise, family outing... a private charter tailored to your interests. Learn to steer the boat, help with the sails or just sit back and relax!
Lessons and More
  • New to boating?  
  • Looking for local knowledge of the area?
  • Need ideas for sailing vacations?
  • Maintenance issues have you stumped?   
  • Have questions about equipment upgrades?

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Sailing Lessons - 
on Our Boat or Yours
When Ed and I began sailing together 23 years ago, I knew nothing about sailing.  I only knew I loved doing it.

At the time, Ed had 12 years of sailing experience on me. For some reason, I found it very difficult to take suggestions from my husband as he tried to teach me the ropes - evidently, this surprised no one but me.

I later learned this is a common dynamic when two people begin sailing together. One person thinks he's getting yelled at and the other person is shouting, "I'm not yelling at you." We chuckle about it now. 

Later, I took sailing lessons in Annapolis further building my confidence. Then, we chartered a boat with a captain and he taught us how to sail together. This experience heightened my desire to learn more and gave us an important understanding of our individual skills, as well as a routine to relax and enjoy sailing together.

If you want more information about sailing lessons - for you, your spouse, your children, a friend, or relative - give Captain Ed a call at 814-434-0600. He will tailor the sailing environment to meet your needs. This means he will either teach you how to sail on our boat, Namaste, or help you learn specific boating skills like docking and anchoring on your boat. 

Wishing you fair winds and calm seas,

Mary Garr
Sailing Terms - a Quiz
  • body part that holds your brain
  • the bathroom on a boat
  • the smartest kid in class

  • the projected arm of a crane
  • the sail in front of the mast
  • jumping & flipping on a         skateboard
  • a boat full of cats
  • a wide shallow boat with a large mainsail and no jib
  • a boat that appreciates attention, but only when it wants it

  • a piece of wood
  • to go onto a boat
  • I'm tired of this quiz, let's go sailing!

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